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Indestructible: Renaissance of SMS in the Digital Age

In a world dominated by lightning-fast real-time communication tools, it may come as a surprise that the venerable SMS still plays a significant role.

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Higher VAT as of 1. January 2024: Good News: No ASPSMS Credits price increase

Foto: rawpixel.com/LIFE OF PIX

Your trust in our SMS Gateway is important to us, and we want to ensure that our services remain both high-quality and affordable for you.

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Tier IV standard, ISO/IEC 27001:2013: The new home of the ASPSMS system is now the Rechenzentrum Ostschweiz

Foto: RZO

VADIAN.NET moved its ASPSMS system, or server infrastructure, to the state-of-the-art, high-security East Switzerland Data Center on Saturday, November 26, 2022, after decades of main presence in St. Gallen.

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Easing of measures as of 19.04.2021: Collect contact information with QuickReg

Screenshot: BAG

With QuickReg we support you in recording the contact data of your visitors efficiently and securely. Either via SMS verification of mobile phone numbers or with the scan function of an individual QR Code ticket including measurement of the length of stay.

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Quick-ID: Registration with Member Logic

Foto: quickreg.ch/zVg

We present the product Quick-ID. For regular guests and visitors, the registration process will be massively simplified. For organizers, the costs and times for the check-in and check-out process will be reduced.

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COVID smear negative: Corona test result by SMS

The topic Covid-19 is omnipresent and for many people at the same time very unsettling. Anyone who feels a cough or even a sore throat these days inevitably thinks of the corona virus. What to do?

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Contact Tracing: Guest and participant registration made easy

Foto: Unsplash

In March 2020, VADIAN.NET AG, as an established St. Gallen IT company, developed the QuickReg.ch solution for the registration of guests in restaurants, bars, clubs and at festivals, trade fairs and shareholders' meetings; i.e. events of all kinds.

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Free Concierge Service: Contact Tracing & Onboarding for Bars, Clubs, Events, etc.

Foto: shutterstock/AboutLife/zVg

The fate of bars, clubs and events these days is closely linked to the observance of measures to protect against the corona virus. Among other things, visitors must be reliably and easily registered.

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First stage from 27 April 2020: Coronavirus: Federal Council relaxes measures

In the first stage, from 27 April, the Federal Council will relax measures for facilities that have only a small number of direct contacts, can easily implement protection concepts and do not cause significant flows of people.

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Free Concierge Service: Bulk SMS

Foto: shutterstock/AboutLife/zVg

We are aware that you may not have the nerve or the time to bother with computer programs at the moment. If you want us to handle a broadcast for you perfectly, let us know.

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SMS Blaster Winlog: Send SMS to all your customers with the help of internal ASPSMS statistics

We received a telephone enquiry from a customer who wanted to inform her existing customer base by SMS about the Corona situation.

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Simple, fast and reliable: SMS communication in times of crisis

Foto: Online community

On 16 March 2020, the Swiss Federal Council declared an extraordinary situation, with immediate effect, a national state of emergency. The Federal Council is thus taking the lead in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19). The government can now pass resolutions without the approval of parliament and the 26 cantons.

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Try it out now: New SMS Blaster Windows Version

For years our customers appreciate the application «ASPSMS Winlog». This proven and powerful Windows tool is used to analyze all SMS sent via ASPSMS. Over the last months «ASPSMS Winlog» has been extended by many useful functions.

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Reduced business hours: Christmas and New Year's Eve are near

We recommend to check your credits balance and if necessary place an order.

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SEPA: Euro bank transfers - quick and easy to complete

Foto: klimkin/pixabay/Public Domain

As a SEPA transfer, a Euro payment will be significantly simpler, more transparent, more secure, faster and cheaper.

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Expand your customer base: eniline Limited - tailor-made suits, café-bar and fashion


The Swiss family business eniline Limited operates a men's clothing shop with an affiliated bar on Junkerngasse in Bern. In addition to tailor-made suits, the range includes a prêt-à-porter collection of selected top brands.

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Text messaging is dead. Long live text messaging: 10 reasons to start using SMS messaging in your business right now

You might think that SMS is already vanished as you are doing most of your messaging with messaging applications as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Signal, Threema or with other hundreds of different messaging application available in the market. You are wrong.

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Notification by text messages: Analytics Software Matomo integrates ASPSMS

Foto: themockup.club/Lovely Mockups

Matomo, formerly Piwik, is the world Leading Open Source Analytics application which can be installed locally or in the cloud. More than 1,000,000 websites are using Matomo for analytics.

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3-D Secure: Credit card booking declined. What now?

Foto: pixabay/jarmoluk/Public Domain

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Solve problems with credit cards VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club, when purchasing ASPSMS Credits.

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New Version on NuGet: Assembly now for ASP.NET Core Projects

Illustration: pixabay/Public Domain

The new version of the ASPSMS Dot Net Assembly can now also be used in Dot Net Core projects.

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Event-Marketing: The Power of personalisation and timing

Are you a club-owner, an event marketer or responsible for attracting people to different happenings? If yes, then you probably know, how difficult it is to attract people to events.

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Declared dead live longer: Why SMS has not vanished yet and why it is here to stay

According to Wikipedia, SMS was initiated already at 1985 as the concept was proposed by Germany and France into the GSM group meeting in Oslo. Some other sources name a Finn Matti Makkonen as inventor of SMS.

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Know How: Tips and tricks for SMSBLASTER.COM web edition

Use the following instructions to get the most out of the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition.

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Good to know: Everything around SMS and ASPSMS

SMS are sent in Switzerland since more than 20 years. 98% of text messages are read. Thus, the SMS has established itself as a very important form of communication channel and it is maintained fully also in the future.

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Always Up-To-Date: Dot Net Assembly on NuGet

Diagramm: pixabay/public domain

The full ASPSMS functionality is available as very easy to install NuGet package.

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Microsoft OMS discontinued: Outlook 2013-2016: Email to SMS Setup

For Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 users, ASPSMS provides the service Email to SMS as an adequate alternative.

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Swiss Red Cross: Hardware Token becomes SMS-Token

Around 750 users log on daily by two-factor authentication on 24 terminal servers.

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New Interface: ASPSMS JSON API

The new ASPSMS JSON API extends the ASPSMS system with a REST interface. From two-factor authentication via ASPTOKEN to Originator unlocking, to voucher handling to individual SMS and SMS broadcasts, all current ASPSMS operations are integrated.

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Swiss Parliament Elections 2015: Winner: SMS

Swiss parties, political associations and interest groups have realized that sending a text message to their communities brings more voters for their party or for their referendum.

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Fitness Club VITALplus: That's worth it to us!

It still cannot be assumed that a group of receivers is equally accessible on all channels.

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ASPTOKEN: Secure Two-Factor Authentication

ASPTOKEN increases the security of any Log In Process by sending an SMS Code to the users mobile phone.

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SMS communication with clear advantages and added value: Yodeling Club St. Gallen City

Foto: Jodlerclub Stadt St. Gallen

The Yodeling Club St. Gallen City takes part in the 60th Central Swiss Yodel Festival from 26 to 28 June 2015 in Sarnen - Fyyrä bi dä Tschifeler.

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Email to SMS: SMTP Interface Enhancement

We have enhanced the the ASPSMS SMTP Interface Email to SMS. When sending to [Recipient]@smtp.aspsms.com, the authentication is done through the senders e-mail address.

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That's worth it to us: Hiking Club Mountain View

The members of the hiking club Mountain View are using various communication channels.

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Soccer Club «Fortuna»: SMS communication with clear advantages and added value

Foto: aspsms.com Keyaccounts

When it comes to sending a short message to several recipients across the generations, communication via SMS is still the most reliable and safe method to send a message within seconds.

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Peer-to-Peer Recruitment Inc.: Communicate through all possible channels

Not only recruiters recruit staff - staff recruits staff.

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Mouth to mouth propaganda: Yodeling Club St. Gallen City, Part 2

The SMSBLASTER.CH web edition has been successfully used by the Yodeling Club St. Gallen City for information and coordination of members.

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SMS Alerts: Elektra Musterhausen AG, part 3

Network, Switchgears, powerplants, transformer plants, control centers, special services, ... the technical infrastructure of Elektra Musterhausen AG is a very complex entity.

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Software Integration: Elektra Musterhausen AG, part 2

The SMSBLASTER.CH web edition has been successfully used in the field installation of the power station for information and coordination of external employees.

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Employee Information and coordination: Elektra Musterhausen AG, part 1

For over 100 years, the energy supply company Elektra Musterhausen AG is a reliable partner for electricity production and electricity supply.

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Reliable and binding: Yodeling Club St. Gallen City, Part 1

Foto: jodlerclub-stadt-stgallen.ch

The Yodeling Club St. Gallen City communicates with its members using the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition.

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Skatepark Flatland: Summer-School Coordination

The Skatepark Flatland opened in 2008. Whenever the weather permits, the park is widely used. During summer holidays the skatepark runs skateboard workshops for kids.

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Software Solution for Optitians: Send SMS with WIN-Opto

The optician business Walliser Optik has built up a customer base of approximately 2,800 customers over the years.

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Attractive Affiliate Program: The Favre Auto House Part 3: Gas Price Alerts

Besol was founded in 1953 as a Swiss Shopping Community for petroleum products.

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Customer contact results in additional business: The Favre Auto House part 2: Spring Promotion Pit Stop

This year's Spring Exhibition was a full success for The Favre Auto House. Besides selling several new cars and a large number of used vehicles, CEO René Favre managed to expand his opt-in address list with over 200 new contacts with mobile phone numbers.

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Expanding customer base: The Favre Auto House, part 1: Spring Exhibition

The Favre Auto House has built up a customer base of approximately 1'100 customers over the years.

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ASPSMS as service provider: Send Alarm-SMS with QNAP Turbo NAS

Illustration: QNAP

QNAP Turbo NAS devices support SMS alerts to inform IT administrators about different events like system error, warning, and other alerts.

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Nice to know: Network information XML formatted

You can calculate the cost of your sms broadcast in advance.

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SMSBLASTER.CH web edition: How to buy ASPSMS Credits

For sending an SMS, you need so-called ASPSMS credits, which are purchased in advance. We show you how that works.

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Archive: Swiss Mobiliar's SMS Meteo Alarm

ASPSMS Soap Web Service 2 (ASPSMSX2) is used for sending SMS messages about the meteorological risk.

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Appointments under control with SMS: Dental Software ZaWin32®

Foto: Harry Hautumm/pixelio.de

Dental offices send appointment reminders and arrangements for over ten years through ASPSMS.

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Communication with students: ASPSMS in Schools, Colleges and Universities

The use of SMS is becoming increasingly important in schools, colleges and universities in Switzerland and abroad.

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SMS increase revenue: Happy Days at the video rental shop

To stimulate the sales on weak revenue days a video rental shop uses targeted advertising with SMS campaigns.

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ASPTOKEN in practise: Extra Security for Web Application Logins

Sensitive Information should be protected efficiently but in the same time it should be easy to access for users. For example field staff has to have the possibility to access an own server during client visit in order to retrieve information or place a purchasing order.

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Fast and straightforward: Inexpensive advertising via SMS

This month's showcase is about the jewellery chain K&K which celebrates its 20th anniversary.

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A Practical Example - Leica Geosystems: Life-saving Short Messages

Real-time notification is vital for the success of real-time monitoring. That's why Leica Geosystems relies on ASPSMS as short messaging partner.

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Customers abroad: Travel insurance

As a travel insurance company, Globo-Assistance (GA) is acting globally. GA bears not only the costs that originate from disease, accident, theft or other liability cases. They also organize patient transports, substitution in case of loss, give medical advice and legal protection.

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Seamless communication experience: ASPSMS integrates Outlook 2010

ASPSMS now supports Outlook 2010 to create and send text messages to a mobile device in a manner similar to e-mail messages.

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Outlook Mobile Service: Outlook 2007: Use Distribution Lists for mobile contacts

You need to contact one or several groups of persons repeatedly via SMS? Such as school classes, personnel, customers or all contacts in Outlook? The most comfortable way to achieve this is to create Distribution Lists in Outlook 2007 for those groups.

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It's all about the allocation: Train Maintenance

StarRail-Cleaning is contractor of one of Europe's largest national railway companies. It is responsible for cleaning and maintenance of passenger trains. StarRail-Cleaning has about 1400 employees.

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Knowledge: Useful Information about Delivery Notifications and Reasoncodes

Subsequently useful information that we were able to collect from our daily experience with sending SMS.

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Delivery with guarantee: Bicycle Messenger

The bicycle messenger company BM-Livraison does courier services all over the city of Paris. The coordination central manages the jobs for 20 employees and ten to twenty freelancers.

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Up to date with SMS: After Hours Club

The After Hours Club «Club-DJ Vinyl» collects mobile phone numbers of its guests and informs them regularly about upcoming events with SMSBLASTER.COM web edition.

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Reliably coordinated by SMS: Ski school

The Ski School Caduff in Davos coordinates the assignments of all ski-, snowboard- und nordic ski-teachers and their guests with the dem SMSBLASTER.COM web edition.

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Well organized through SMS: Fastnacht-association

Like every year, at November 11th, 11:11 o'clock the begin of carnival is celebrated. The Fastnacht-association Guggenmusik «Hellsbells» informs its members reliably and on time by SMS in spite of the chaos before and during the hustle and bustle of the festivities.

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Simple, direct and binding: Recruiting by SMS

Foto: pixabay/public domain

The job agency WorkingPeople places skilled personnel to the building industry for seasonal und temporary assignments by SMS. WorkingPeople maintains a pool of workers divided into several job categories from bricklayers to electricians.

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Short and concise via SMS: Freight transportation company

Foto: pixa

The freight transportation company Hablützel AG runs a fleet of 50 trucks all over Europe. The 70 drivers are disposed/coordinated by the headquarter in central Switzerland around the clock by SMS. This job is done by Claudia, Thomas und Leni.

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