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That's worth it to us: Hiking Club Mountain View

The members of the hiking club Mountain View are using various communication channels.

Contrary to all predictions, SMS communication continues to gain importance.

SMS communication with clear advantages and added value

When it comes to sending a short message to several recipients across the generations, communication via SMS is still the most reliable and safe method to send a message within seconds.

The prerequisites are minimal. The receiver requires a mobile phone that is registered in the GSM network. The installation of an app is not needed, there is no WiFi and no packet data connection required. Spam filters do not exist and the content of the SMS is still available after receiving the message.

It still cannot be assumed that a group of receivers is equally accessible on all channels.


Your hiking club has 24 members and uses the following channels for communication:

  • E-Mail: 24 members
  • Facebook: 16 members
  • WhatsApp: 17 members
  • Mobile phone: 24 members
  • Landline: 21 members
  • WeChat: 2 members
  • Viber, Line, Instagram, Twitter, Skype etc.: 11 members

Already for some time you plan for your Hiking Club «Mountain View» on the 29th to 30 May 2015 a two-day trip together with the families of the members. The hiking season 2015 will be opened with this event. There have been a total of 47 people booked in advance; hiking club members, families with children and friends who wish to enjoy the experience of the Alpstein Three Lakes hike.

The program is split child-friendly over two days:

Three Lakes hike

Seealpsee - Fälensee - Sämtisersee: the three precious gems of the Alpstein united in a breathtaking natural setting. Difficulty: medium, length: 17.50 km, altitude: 1164 m

Quelle: Ideenhändler

Friday afternoon, May 29, 2015
Rise to Sennen- or Meglisalp
Time required: 2 hours maximum

Hiking: Stage Friday: Wasserauen ? Seealpsee ? Meglisalp

The aim is to reach Meglisalp followed by dinner and sleeping at the Dependence-lodge with 50 mattress places. Reservation of the dormitories and dinner reservation was done at the Manser-Neff Family. The Meglisalp is open every day starting May 9th 2015 and offers a comfortable infrastructure, including duvets, towels and shower token. The excellent cuisine awaits us with the «5-course Meglisalp menu».

Saturday morning May 30, 2015
Day hike with picnic and sports fishing at Fälensee
Time required: more than 6 hours

Hiking: Stage Saturday: Widderalpsattel - Widderalp - Bollenwees on Fälensee - Sämtisersee - Plattenbödeli - Brülisau

The second day offers some variety with a snack from the Appenzeller Sennen on the Widderalp and subsequent picnic and fishing at Fälensee. Brave and hardy swimmers may of course open the swimming season in the Alpstein.

The weather does not play

On Thursday, May 28, 2015 - as the person responsible - you scout the hiking route in the opposite direction: Brülisau - Plattenbödeli - Sämtisersee - Bollenwees on Fälensee - Widderalp - Widderalpsattel (1856 m) - Meglisalp - Seealpsee - Wasserauen. Your start in Brülisau with springtime weather but soon discover that the rains and the sudden drop in temperature in recent days have the middle layers covered with snow again. The ascent to Widderalpsattel is difficult and only for experienced hikers. During the descent from the Meglisalp to Seealpsee you are surprised by heavy rains and you almost experience four seasons on the tour.

Communicate alternate date by SMS

With a heavy heart you decide to cancel the planned trip. To ensure that all participants are informed promptly and well in advance, you a personalize a text message to the group «Mountain View» in SMSBLASTER.COM web edition with the following content:

Good evening . Our Alpstein hike unfortunately won't take place tomorrow due to bad weather and snow on the pass. Alternate date: June 5th 2015. Greetings from the mountains, Toni - Hiking Club Mountain View

Within a few minutes you have prepared and sent the text message in SMSBLASTER.COM web edition. You send a two-part message. So there are enough characters left for the place holder. Finish your reconnaissance and enjoy the ride home with the Appenzell Railways.

If necessary, you check the send log for the result of your broadcast Friday morning. If a team member did not receive the SMS (mobile phone switched off overnight), you contact the member by phone call.

President Toni Brunner: «Our Hiking Club »Mountain View« sends SMS with the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition.
That's worth it to us!»

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