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Here some XML examples for languages and script languages like PHP, Python, ASP, VBscript-Class, C#, Java, Jabber ...

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VBScript Class (uses XML Interface)

A comfortable way to use the ASPSMS XML Interface

The ASPSMS_XML VBScript class is addressed to developers in a Windows Scripting environment where the ActiveX-Component (aspsms.dll) cannot be installed.

The class connects to the ASPSMS XML interface in the background. Because of this, the following Objects must be present on the system:


The usage of the ASPSMS_XML VBScript class only slightly differs from the ActiveX-Component's.

Please refer to the ASPSMS_XML VBScipt Class Object Model.

'make the class available to your script
'i.E. included into a *.asp script.
<!--#include file="aspsms_xml_vbscript_class.asp"-->

    SMS.Userkey      = "XXXXXXXXXXXX"
    SMS.Password     = "XXXXXX"
    SMS.AddRecipient "+41791234567", "3512"
    SMS.Originator   = "Me"
    SMS.MessageData  = "Hello World"
Set SMS = Nothing

A comprehensive ASP_XML VBScript Class scripting example including the full code of the class:

More XML examples:

PHP | Python | ASP/VB-Script | VBscript Class | C# | Java | Jabber

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