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ASPTOKEN: Secure Two-Factor Authentication

ASPTOKEN increases the security of any Log In Process by sending an SMS Code to the users mobile phone.

This technique is also known as smsTAN, mTAN, or mobileTAN. In contrast to common systems there is no additional equipement needed, such as check lists or card readers. ASPTOKEN is easy to integrate in existing solutions. ASPTOKEN in combination with Username and Password enables a highly secure and manipulation free Log In.

Sensitive Information should be protected efficiently but in the same time it should be easy to access for users. For example field staff has to have the possibility to access an own server during client visit in order to retrieve information or place a purchasing order.

If there isn't any sensitive data to be transferred, password protected login should be good enough. But what if employees can access company wide intranet or CRM from outside of a secure company network? These systems usually contain confidential client information or possible company secrets. In such cases it is recommended to play safe and build an additional security check. With ASPTOKEN that kind of extra security check is easily done.

ASPTOKEN is used for example in the following cases:

  • Intranet Login from outside the company network
  • Online Banking
  • Online Trading Plattformen
  • Logins for Health Systems, e.g. clinical records
  • Any kind of login and authentication

In this increasingly connected world the need to protect your data is more and more important

ASPTOKEN is a perfect solution for extra security needs with a login procedure (Two-Factor Authentication), because ASPTOKEN provides an extra authentication method via SMS. Any login-system secured with ASPTOKEN grants access only to the person who knows a username, a password and possesses a mobile phone, which number was saved beforehand into the system.

In just a few minutes a programmer is able to integrate ASPTOKEN in to an application. Code generation, SMS sending and verification of the code is taken care by ASPTOKEN.

Process of ASPTOKEN authentication:

  1. User enters username and password to the login-form of the website

  2. User receives ASPTOKEN SMS-code to his mobile phone

  3. User enters SMS-code to the login-form

  4. SMS-Code is verified by the ASPTOKEN System

  5. Access to the web application is granted

ASPTOKEN does not have any setup fees, any fixed fees or monthly fees. Only SMS traffic is charged with inexpensive ASPSMS rates.

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