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Case Studies: Clubs, Societies and Associations

SMS communication with clear advantages and added value: Yodeling Club St. Gallen City

The Yodeling Club St. Gallen City takes part in the 60th Central Swiss Yodel Festival from 26 to 28 June 2015 in Sarnen - Fyyrä bi dä Tschifeler.

Foto: Jodlerclub Stadt St. Gallen

Contrary to all predictions, SMS communication continues to gain importance.

Case study

When it comes to sending a short message to several recipients across the generations, communication via SMS is still the most reliable and safe method to send a message within seconds.

The prerequisites are minimal. The receiver requires a mobile phone that is registered in the GSM network. The installation of an app is not needed, there is no WiFi and no packet data connection required. Spam filters do not exist and the content of the SMS is still available after receiving the message.

It still cannot be assumed that a group of receivers is equally accessible on all channels.


Your yodeling club has 20 members and uses the following channels for communication:

  • E-Mail: 18 members
  • Facebook: 5 members
  • WhatsApp: 11 members
  • Mobile phone: 20 members
  • Landline: 181 members
  • WeChat: 1 member
  • Viber, Line, Instagram, Twitter, Skype etc.: 4 members

The Yodeling Club St. Gallen City takes part in the 60th Central Swiss Yodel Festival from 26 to 28 June 2015 in Sarnen - Fyyrä bi dä Tschifeler.

To get there on Saturday morning President Martin has organized a minibus. The meeting place in St. Gallen Winkeln was chosen so that there are enough parking spaces available.

Source: Jodlerclub Stadt St. Gallen.

Some singers are traveling to Sarnen independently by car or by public transport. On the evening before departure Martin sent some final reminder SMS with the SMSBLASTER.CH web edition.

SMS-OUT (to all driving with the minibus):
Dear Andrea, dear singers. Departure St. Gallen Winkeln 09:30 o'clock. Please be on time. Greets, Martin

SMS-IN: alright, cu Beat
SMS-IN: Good, till tomorrow. Herrmann

SMS-OUT (to all persons travelling individually to the hotel):
Dear Yodelers, dear singers. Departure at the hotel Krone Kerns tomorrow at 13:30 o'clock. Please be on time. Cheers, Martin

SMS-IN: Great. Cheers, Roman
SMS-IN: Will be there on time. Johannes

SMS-OUT (to all persons travelling and staying individually):
Dear singers, warm up tomorrow 14:15 o'clock in front of the old school. Cheers, Martin

SMS-IN: Alright - cu tomorrow. Robert
SMS-IN: Until then, thank you.

The club meets jury and audience with the contest song «Am Morge» by Franz Stadelmann in the Kollegikirche. The performance is announced for Saturday afternoon, June 27, 2015 at 15:15 o'clock. To prepare with conductor Andrea at the rehearsal room, the club meets before the old school.

After the performance there is a good atmosphere and the Yodel Club seeks a place, to toast the concert.

The grade for the performance won't be known until the next day. As long as the singers have to be patient. Dinner is at the terrace of the restaurant Jordan, right next to the riverside of the Sarner Aa.

Some Club members travel backhome home on their own the same or the next day, some stay individually and the greater number of members is housed for the night to Sunday at the Hotel Krone in Kerns.

After the breakfast at the hotel next morning, the club heads back towards Eastern Switzerland by minibus. For a guided tour of a fish farm the club puts a stop on the homeward journey in Wald ZH.

Source: Jodlerclub Stadt St. Gallen.

At the end of the journey the Yodeling Club offers its members finally an ice cream at the Restaurant Freudenberg in Uzwil.

Thanks to good planning and as the singers mostly moving in groups, it was hardly necessary to make calls during the trip or to send SMS. The eagerly awaited grade for the performance was told to the singers during the journey home by a mobile phone call.

It is not always easy to plan appearances and events, and to coordinate everything and everyone. Especially when unforeseen occurs, there is often stress when trying to reach members.

Communication by SMS is reliable and binding and suitable for information and coordination of groups.

With the SMSBLASTER web edition I can conveniently send SMS to groups and even process the replies.

President Martin: «The Yodeling Club St. Gallen City sends SMS with the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition.
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